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IHCA-NJ is a pioneering nonprofit cultural organization, dedicated to promoting and preserving the rich heritage of India in 'New Jersey, New York and the Philadelphia area through the showcasing of classical music, dance, and theater. The main goal of the association is to bring a variety of highly talented professional local talent together with the common bond of Indian classical performing arts. Also,  to bring all communities together and work for a common goal of social awareness through performing arts. IHCA-NJ exposes its members to activities of cultural significance. Through a variety of shows and fundraising events, the association will provide opportunities to children and adults to broadcast their talent, learn rich Indian heritage, achieve leadership qualities and artistic expression.

This is a volunteer-based organization that values honesty, integrity, dedication and the commitment of each and every volunteer to genuinely promote the arts. IHCA membership is open to people of all ages, races, religions, and nationalities. 



IHCA-NJ Events
IHCA-NJ Events