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Nutan Dabholkar Kalamdani


Nutan Dabholkar Kalamdani is a well-known, talented, creative, modest and a dynamic media personality and community member in New Jersey. Although she has a degree in Architecture & Interior Design, Nutan Kalamdani has shifted her interests into the business of Media, Events, PR, Design and Production. She hails from an affluent family in Bombay, where art and culture were an integral part of her life. Her father was a well-known Marathi stage actor. She has grown up in the company of these talented actors and feels at home around them. As a young girl, Nutan has been a print model and actively involved in dance and drama during her school and college years. She has done voice-overs for commercials, films and documentaries as well.

Nutan Kalamdani is the Co-Founder & Managing Director of Awesome Television, North America’s largest 24 x 7 premium streaming platform for independent, mainstream & original TV shows which is available in over 100+ Countries.

Nutan is also the Founder & President of Cineviews Media - a PR, Events and Production Company. Nutan has completed numerous Hindi, English & Telugu films as a Line Producer/Production Manager/Associate Producer/Executive Producer, shot in the USA and has also been a Publicist for several movie projects in the USA. 

Nutan is a well-known media personality and community member in New Jersey. She has been actively involved in the Indian community activities and mega events in New York and New Jersey for over 18 years. She also ran for office in New Jersey for the council position in the year 2009 creating history by becoming the first Indian to contest elections in that town and being the first female in doing so. She ran for office again in the year 2016.